Wildlife park Poing, Germany

Wildlife park Poing, Germany

I love animals. But I also love zoo and wild parks. Before you eat me alive…I will only visit the ones that pledge to actually take care of the animals. I visited a few like that in UK and loved them. To this day, the one in Jersey is still my favorite. I hope to visit this one again soon. It serves as a sanctuary and helps species that are close to extinction survive. Until I can visit that one again, park close to me will have to do. One of those that I love is Wildlife park Poing.

Up to date is one of the biggest if not the biggest wildlife park in Germany. Built in 1959 covers 57 hectares and tries to replicate the natural environment for the species living there. You can pet sheep, deer, goats, horses, and boars; see owls, lynx, wolves, birds, otters, and many more other animals.

Families can enjoy a big picnic area, and everyone can have a nice walk through the forest and meadows.

The park is open whole year round and the price is okay, especially if you come with a family and spend the whole day there.

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