Why stories matter

Why stories matter

I LOVE stories. If I’d have more time, I’d read a book or two per week and let myself disappear in a world of imagination – in worlds so different from my own. And it’s not just books. I love life stories. You know those stories that inspire you to reach higher in your own life?

The other day I’ve been thinking why that is so. Why are stories so important to us? I did a little research and this is what I discovered…

Through stories we deeply experience the time, and ideas of other people. We become more than just passive observer.  We become actively involved in one’s life, and transform ours in the process. We  live their story with them.

“Storytelling is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. They help people make sense of the world–life’s experiences, dilemmas and hardships. Stories can educate, inspire and build rapport. They are a means of communicating, recreating, and helping preserve cultures by translating memories into a more concrete manner that can be handed down verbally or in written form. Telling the story can provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one’s experiences and oneself. ~ Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS, FAAETS”

Storytelling can be done in different ways. From Media, Books, Movies, to Word of mouth, Living an example etc. Through them we get to know the true, and the untrue stories. From far away it might seem that they don’t serve the same purpose, but if we look closer, they do. No matter if a story is true or not, if it touches us in some way it has an important role in our never-ending personal evolution.

“To be a person is to have a story to tell. ~ Isak Dinesen”

All stories help us escape our own life, our own word filled with problems, we can pretend to be someone else, without the fear factor, we become larger than life We gain super powers, and abilities we don’t really posses. We fulfill the free time, and encourage our imagination to go wild. We experience heighten emotions in a safe environment.  Stories are the ones that help us pose questions, and find answers. They are the ones that help us connect to others, who think alike.

“The people who come to see us bring us their stories. They hope they tell them well enough so that we understand the truth of their lives. They hope we know how to interpret their stories correctly. We have to remember that what we hear is their story. ~ Robert Coles in The Call of Stories”

I love stories, and they inspire me to get out of the bed in the morning, to start new day, and to smile in the darkness of the night. I have to remind myself everyday that my story is important, but your stories are the ones that give me the confirmation that we are all important, and that our stories matter.

Have you ever thought that you are unimportant? That you are just you? Nothing special? You are not! You are so much more. Unless you never socialize, you are an inspiration to someone. Never forget how very important you are. Perhaps one day someone will come to you, and say thank you for changing his life.

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