The Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

The Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

Castle of the Nymph or the Nymphenburg Palace is a baroque palace in Munich. It is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the region and is a popular tourist point.

I remember the first time I was here – around 15 years ago. I went on an international meetup for an NGO Don Bosco Youth net. We were on a challenge – to find the Nymphenburg Palace and have lunch. 5 people, 5 Euros. The challenge was fun and weirdly enough we were pretty successful, so today’s little trip to this place felt like the visit to my youth – lots of happy memories.

All these years later the palace lost it’s momentum on me. Perhaps I’m changing, but I would rather explore and enjoy nature than the architecture. Though, I do have to admit, it is beautiful. If you are big on baroque, this is definitely the place to see when you visit Munich.

This is also a place to see if you like to explore the city with a bike as there is a very easy and nice path from Scheidplatz through Olympiapark to the Nymphenburg.

Until next time, enjoy the spring summer and explore!


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