The little butterfly

The little butterfly

The story behind this blog is a bit of a crazy one. Perhaps this blog shows more about who I am – the little butterfly – than any other. I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, but never really stuck with one blog. Except one time. That blog was my heart and soul. It was a personal blog where I would share pieces of my life, connect with my family and friends back home, and help women crafters get exposure.

Long story short, due to my life becoming increasingly more busy, I decided to let that blog go. I was feeling surprisingly emotional, and haven’t told this to anyone. After a month I took a deep breath and wrote about my decision on Facebook. Not a day passed before someone bought that domain. I won’t go into the details of the next week, but I will give you this … the result is this blog. A personal blog where I can share my ideas, my photography, and a bit of my life.

Buterflie, butterfly in old English, fits perfectly with this blog transformation, which in a sense is also a transformation of my own life. It took a long time to find the previous name and even longer to find this one, but just as the one before fit my soul, so does this one. It really feels just like another step on my life path.

So, what do you say…wanna join me on this path of discovering life and personal transformation? Let’s do it.

Until next time!


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