Skye and Culloden – Scotland adventure continues

Skye and Culloden – Scotland adventure continues

It took me quite a while to come back to this adventure, but it’s one that is still a part of many conversations I had over the last weeks. If I share anything about Scotland with my friends and family, it’s definitely from our adventure to the Isle of Skye and the Culloden battlefield.

We knew this day will bring more sun, so the decision to go to the Sky was an easy one, but fast learners as we both are, we figured that we will want to use the whole day and would rather drive at night than hurry back to see more things in the daylight. That meant that if we wanted to see anything else around Inverness, we didn’t have much choice, but to see it before going to Sky.

I’ve been interested in history for some time, especially both great wars, but Outlander was guilty that I became interested in Scotish history as well. Naturally, that meant that I wanted to visit the Culloden – the battelfied of the so-called the last battle. The interesting thing about it was that the weather changed as soon we got there. From a warm sunny day, we stepped into a foggy and cold day. It felt appropriate.

The clouds followed us all the way to Skye, which was so incredibly beautiful in the sun. I’ve been in a desperate need of coffee, so Alina went alone to the lighthouse and I’ve gone to talk to a chatty nice lady who made me the most delicious instant coffee. Heather, sea, coffee, and awesome company were all I needed.

Until next time, you enjoy and I’ll plan my next escape to Scotland.


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