Scotland adventure Day 4 – From Loch Lomond back home

Scotland adventure Day 4 – From Loch Lomond back home

Oh gosh, it was the last day of our Scotland adventure. Or at least, the last full day. The day after was only supposed to be a couple of hours in Edinburgh and then flight back home, so I’ll finish this adventure with the last full day.

Skipping Glasgow gave us one more day to explore Loch Lomond and visit Blair Drummond Safari Park. If you’ve read my post about Poing, then you know that I love these kind of parks. I love seeing how beautifully these parks take care of the animals.

Short drive and two big giraffes welcomed us to the park. The first thing we did, was park and headed toward a short show with sea lions. We felt like big kids waiting for these magnificent animals. At the same time I felt a bit uneasy remembering the stories I heard about different circuses. You know, stories about how they treat elephants, lions, and other animals. But this felt different nonetheless. From what we’ve seen until then, it looked like one of the parks where they take care of the animals not only for us to see them, but also to help species survive.

I was right.

Many of these animals that you can see in Blair Drummond Safari park are vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered etc and the keepers are there also to help these species survive. You can see how they treat the animals in every little thing – especially in the show, when the keeper running the show explained how that even though we were there to see the show that didn’t necessary meant that we’ll see it. It all depended on the sea lions. They are never forced into things like jumping to the water or doing tricks if they don’t fell like it. Funny enough one of the sea lions was just not ready to jump from the ramp. She climbed up, waved, and then happily climbed back down. I wish more animals would have people like that in their lives.

sea lion show donkey lamma and sheep A lamma Tree and a purple flower AnimalsA tree, a castle and amazing ice creak

I don’t have too many photos from here as I was mostly driving around, but I can tell it is well worth the visit. The park is made of three parts. First, where you walk around and see the animals, visit a show, have a picnic, or an ice cream; second, were you drive through the park to see the wild animals like lions, deer … and of course the cheeky monkeys; and the third, which is the monkey island boat ride. Fun, fun, fun!

After the Safari we were in for our last night in Edinburgh.

We came back to our starting point, which I have to say was beyond weird. Not because of it being the starting point, but because of the apartment. The Airbnb apartment that we booked was significantly changed comparing to our first night there. And by significantly I mean that one of the couches was missing, the TV stand was different, the table and chairs were different and the bed … well, let’s just say that I had a strong feeling that someone slept in it.

You’ve got to wonder why someone would change an apartment in like 3 days. Right?

That aside, we chose to make the best out of our last night there. We visited the city and attended one of the ghost tours. That was a lot of fun! I guess we were lucky as Scotland has pretty short days in September and the tour started when it was already pretty dark. Seeing the groups wander around the same points as we visited back then in daylight, I know we had more fun. The atmosphere is just so different. The night really adds to the experience. We saw Bobby the dog, the famous graveyard, the catacombs, and other little scary parts. It was short, but sweet and it was just long enough that we knew the sleep will not come quick. Ghosts from the past and the weird-apartment definitely weren’t a good combination.

Next morning, we had a quick breakfast, returned the car, and drove by bus back to Edinburgh. At that point Alina was pretty sick with a cold, so it was mostly me walking around the inner part of the city for those 2 hours that we still had. I wasn’t really impressed. The day was nice, but the city didn’t appeal to me all that much. I missed the green and open space of the Highlands.

Edinburgh street

My soul hurt knowing I’m leaving already, but we did promise ourselves to return in a year. I was never more sure in anything in my life than I was in the fact that I’ll return. I knew I’ll be coming back in 2018 – even if I’d have to return alone.

Now that you already know that Scotland 2018 happened … Stay tuned for my more. 😀


  1. Nives 3 years ago

    Seems wanderful adventure!

    • Author
      Buterflie 3 years ago

      Yeeeees! <3

  2. Alexander McLachlan 3 years ago

    I,m very glad you had a wonderful time in Scotland , Scot’s are generally a warm welcoming people and it would appear you experienced that , good luck on your travels i enjoyed reading your blog , Haste ye back

    • Author
      Buterflie 3 years ago

      Thank you, Alexander! You are so right. I live in Germany now and I was surprised at how at home I felt in Scotland and how I still fell like a stranger even after 5 years here.

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