Scotland adventure Day 3 – Inverness to Glen Coe

Scotland adventure Day 3 – Inverness to Glen Coe

It’s interesting. I’ve not finished my story of Scotland before I went back. Here I am with more memories – new and old, all mixed up together. Soul filled with joy that I could be back.

But I want written memories. Sometimes I need a tiny reminder that life is good and that one day does not turn life bad.

So, looking back this has been such a nice day. The previous day’s drive to Sky was exhausting, and I think it kind of messed up our brains a bit. We loved the nature, the peace, the drive and both of us did not feel like going to the city will do it for us. We craved more nature.

The decision has been made – we will ignore our plan to go to Glasgow (the loss of the money will for sure be worth the road trip) and rather spend time in Glen Coe and try to find the monster of the Loch Ness.

But first – well after the good night sleep – breakfast.

If you’re ever in Inverness, don’t miss the chance to visit this little caffe with the best hot black coffee and egg sandwiches in the world!

I don’t really understand why, but it seems that our sense of direction even when using Google maps wasn’t the best all throughout this adventure. First we managed to sort of miss Inverness even though we were in it! and then we turned left where we should go right. The drive was still stunning though. We kept driving along the Ness river, through the most beautiful little forest road.

My good friend Sarah would always say…if you are late or get lost, it’s for the best. It always brings you something good. She is a smart girl.

The path was so peaceful and the first surprise was a little cemetery. I’ve never been very fond of the dead. They’ve always scared me, but ever since my grandma died, I have this serene feeling every time I enter one. Especially the British ones are magical. They are not like ours – huge stones and lots and lots of little lights. No, British ones are simple, peaceful, and green.

And so was this one.

Boleskine Cemetery

A tiny cemetery in the middle of nowhere looking down to Loch Ness poised with calm and beauty of the surrounding lake and forest. I didn’t know anything about it at the time, it was pure luck that we stopped there, but reading about it now, it feels like I was meant to be there. Like many things in Scotland, this little graveyard has a story.

Scotland feels like home. I have no idea why, but if humans live multiple lives, I am sure Scotland was my home at some point. I remember one time in meditation I saw myself standing at the end of a cliff in Scotland. It was me, but not really. The girl I saw in my meditation was thin and had long curly fiery red hair. She was fearless. When I’m in Scotland, I feel this girl. This fearless girl who knows the world of magic. At the time of that meditation I was also exploring the spiritual world. I was drawn to the angels and fairies (no wonder I love Scotland) and I came across Tarot cards created by a famous British occultist Aleister Crowley. I’ve always felt this fear like respect toward those cards and have not used them often even though I knew nothing of the author. Reading about him today I know why. I was never attracted to the occult. There is a lot written about his life, mostly pretty scary stuff which I do want to touch, but for us today the interesting fact is that his life was linked to this cemetery. He was a poet, a novelist, a painter…and he was also regarded as the most evil man in Britain. He moved to the Boleskine house, which is right across the road from the Cemetery in 1900 aged 25. Supposedly he used this cemetery in his ceremonies. Maybe all of this was coincidence, maybe it was something more. I’ll never know. People report the cemetery feeling creepy, they report feeling presence, they speak of dark forces… I just felt peace, but I also have a custom to bless the souls and tell them that I don’t want anyone coming home with me. You know, just to be sure. Haha!

Falls of Foyers

Saying goodbye to the little cemetery, we headed forward to find the Loch ness monster. But we didn’t know we are in for another surprise. We drove past the sign Falls of “somethingsomething”. As we didn’t exactly know what “falls” would be, our friend Google had to enlighten us. We learned that that means Waterfall! How amazing! An adventure!

If you want to visit the waterfall, park right after the little coffee shop on the left (coming from Inverness), cross the road and take the steps down the waterfall. The path is steep with steps and offers two view points.

Loch Ness and Fort Augustus

Finally we say it in all its glory. Not really the Lock Ness monster, but we did see the Loch Ness and the fort in Forth Augustus.

Little village has a population of less than 700 people as is heavily dependent on the tourism. The true origins are unknown, but we do know that the fort was built after the Jacobite rising in 1715 by General Wade. He named it after the Duke of Cumberland. The fort was captured by the Jacobites in March 1746 on the way to the most tragic battle of Scotland’s history – Battle of Culloden. A bit more than 100 years later the fort was bought by the Lovat family who passed it down to the Benedictines in 19th century.

I have to say I was most impressed by the fort and not so much by the Loch Ness. I decided to support the local business and bought the warmest Scottish mini cape and a calendar which makes me think of my second home all year long.

Glen Coe

Our last stop before the new hotel was unplanned beauty Glen Coe. We tried to find the fort in Fort William, driving back and forth only to realise that the fort was long gone. We gave up and drove towards the hotel. The path took us through the Glen Coe. I cannot even say anything that would describe this beauty, so here…have the photos.

And for the last goodbye for the day…

Until next time, good night!


  1. Elena 1 year ago

    Stunning Photographs!
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring! 🙂
    Elena Marsh

    • Author
      Buterflie 1 year ago

      Thank you, Elena! You’ll see how stunning it is in real life! 🙂

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