Scotland adventure day 1 – Edinburgh to Inverness

Scotland adventure day 1 – Edinburgh to Inverness

Do you remember the screaming man? Yeah, he’s real. It had to be before 6 am, when I had the most vivid dream of some guy shouting and cursing in front of our door. I woke up, but the room was quiet.

Okay. Whatever, really.  I felt my migraine kicking off and tried to fall asleep only to hear him again! My first though was: “Shit! What the hell do I do now?” I didn’t want to go to Alina as he might hear me, though I thought – she must be terrified. She’s a tiny thing, really. You’d feel the same! 5 minutes of screaming that felt like an hour and I hear the front door open and close. Crickets. Nothing.

I fell back asleep and woke up 2 hours later with a terrible headache. Lucky me…

Of course the first thing that I did was check on my buddy. Funny enough she didn’t hear the guy at all! How is that even possible?! How can some people sleep like a stone? I wish I’d be able to do that myself!

After the morning tea, we figured we can just skip Edinburgh that morning as we were pretty tired and we had just a few more hours before we had to pick up the car rental. Not to mention our stomachs were grumbling enough for us to make a strategic decision – food it is!

I won’t even go into explaining how we managed to miss the bus stop and had to walk with all our luggage for much too long to get to the rental, which was really the smallest place you could find. It took the guy ages to give us that weird thing – a UK car, but we got it. Not the car we wanted of course, but close enough.

I don’t know why, but I expected her to start driving. You have to know her to understand what I mean. She is the most positive person that I’ve ever met. I’m the one seeing problems all around. She just sees solutions. Back home, she was so confident that we can drive on the left. Well, hmmmm, oh, well … khm … I’m not sure how it happened, but I drove us from Edinburgh and kept driving until we were back in Edinburgh a few days later. To be fair though, I loved driving on the left and she was the best co-driver I’ve ever had! This is how you do it guys: you talk with your driver, you are happy and positive, you warn the driver about the crazy curves, sometimes you get lost only to find the most amazing places, and you are always ready to jump in if the driver couldn’t do it any more. Unfortunately we both managed to take exactly 0 photos of the car, so you’ll have to imagine a dark blue Opel Corsa.

Scotland, here we come!!

We never expected this though. The drive took us to little coast town of St. Andrews, which was so charming that we took more time than we probably should.

I think the decision to come back was made after the coffee and a scone in the most charming coffee shop. Chai Latte and Americano were enough to make us fall in love with this little town. And that was just a part of it. Old cemetery, ruins, university, the beach, little funny birds, strong wind, and the warm sun. It was all there, convincing us to stay longer, but we couldn’t. We had to get to Inverness by 8 pm.

Next stop wasn’t really a stop, but a drive-through Cairngorms National park.

This park… It has got to be the most beautiful place on the Earth! I’m not kidding! Everywhere we looked at was this amazing pure green landscape. Next time we’ll spend more time here. This was a promise to ourselves.

Looking at the photos now when I’m back at home, I think it’s incredible, how much a place can touch a heart. It makes me want to cry when I think about how much I miss it.

We weren’t prepared. We know that now. There was so much to see and all we could do was drive through it and observe the nature.

And still…it was worth the slower drive which took us way longer than we planned and forced us to drive at night, which I have to admit was an interesting experience. Scotland is like one big entertainment park. Go there, and you’ll know what I mean. If you’re used to German traffic and roads, Scotland will feel like a roller coaster.

Where we drove, were mostly only roads for one car, it went up and down – sometimes even to a point where I was genuinely scared of what will be on the down end – over weak bridges, and through little villages and towns.I can confidently say that I am ready to drive pretty much anywhere after this.

It was past 10 pm when we came to Inverness. The nicest lady waited for us and welcomed us into their little house. I do not exaggerate if I tell you that this little house felt like home that I could buy without thinking. Everything was fluffy and warm, small but cosy, and most importantly, it was clean.

That was it. The last tea of the day and the night swallowed us to prepare us for the next day.

Until next time, be adventurous,


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