Scotland adventure begins

Scotland adventure begins

The land of fairies and folk tales. A place, where I left a part of my heart. Oh, Scotland, I knew I’d like you, but I never knew I’ll fall in love with your land and people.

Perhaps we were lucky. In the 5 days that we’d spent there, we had lots of sun, wind, and warmth. And everywhere we went people were warm and welcoming. So different from what we expected.

I know, I was lucky. Alina, my travel buddy, was the best travel companion one could wish. I almost gave up on finding someone that would want to travel with me. Being in your 30ies isn’t the easiest when you want to do activities that don’t support kids. All my friends from back home are either busy or have kids, and my man doesn’t like to travel. Let’s say my chances were pretty small. But not nonexistent. I’m grateful I found someone to travel with.

Below you can find our journey (with the car) in pictures, and in the next few posts, I’ll write about our adventure.

Day 1 (upper left), Day 2 (lower left), Day 3 (upper right), Day 4 (lower right).

There were 3 things we prepared before. Car, apartments, and flight tickets. All went smoothly and the wait for the Friday began with praying to the gods that we’ll be able to drive on the left.

We started our journey on Friday after work.

Funny enough the fun began on the first night when we landed. Rain. Of course! We hired a taxi, which wasn’t too expensive (16 pounds with the tip) and hilariously we got one with Outlander photos all over. Do I need to write it down that I’m watching Outlander 5th or 6th time as I write this? Alina never watched it (!?) so she couldn’t care less, but I took that as a good sign. This will be an amazing trip!

Little did I know that only 30 minutes in the future I’ll be breathing deep, trying not to get a panic attack.

Taxi dropped us somewhere that looked a bit like … khm … not really super safe. But okay, two independent women like ourselves, can do this! A minute later we found out that Edinburgh is weird with street names. 10 minutes of walk and we were in the right street. We found the house number and were craving warmth and dry space. My buddy was searching for a key, when I got a mental picture of a bird in an unlocked cage. That made me notice that there was no lock on the door. We got in to the building and my first thought was…shit are there any rats here? This was probably my worst first impression of an Airbnb listing that I ever had. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that we couldn’t find a key to the actual apartment. And that is even a bigger problem, if you are in an unknown city at 00:30 in the morning, tired after the whole day, and scared of the surroundings. I admired Alina’s calmness and observed how fast I get scared. I was incredibly grateful for her fast thinking and the fact that she was so proactive.

Finally (I still think that’s because she’s a doctor, even if a non MD one) she managed to find the key, while I secretly searched for Hotels, and we got into this small, but cosy apartment.

End good, all good … would say a Slovenian girl.

Only if it would be the end.

At that point it was really getting hilarious. I found Alina in the living room, looking depressed over her suitcase. Her little lock got broken and she couldn’t open it. Oh well, what is that after the whole evening. A destroyed bobby pin, Youtube video, my dark side, and the lock was open.

Finally. Time to sleep and getting ready for the adventure. I’ll tell you about the screaming man that woke me at 5:30 am another time.

Until next time,


  1. Jenny 3 years ago

    Hahah, is there a Youtube tutorial for opening such locks? Awesome and scarry:D

    • Author
      Buterflie 3 years ago

      Haha! Yeah, awesome and scary. In that particular moment … more awesome than scary.


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