Scotland adventure 2018 – Munich to Edinburgh

Scotland adventure 2018 – Munich to Edinburgh

I promised to come back to Scotland, didn’t I? But, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy. My journey started in Munich on 12th June. If you would’ve been here on that day, you would’ve known that Munich had extreme weather conditions since 4pm that day. My flight was supposed to departure at 9pm, but that unfortunately didn’t happen. I couldn’t believe it. I saw the black clouds creep up on Munich, the thunder rumbling in the distance, but I never expected the storm that it brought. You know how it looks when you fill the bucket with water and turn it around? That’s how it was.

My long journey started with the delay of the plane. One hour, two hours … I get a message that I’m still required to be there by the designated time … Panicking I call Alina to take me to the subway station. 10 min walk would be impossible to make dry in that weather. Thank God she took me to the station and I was sitting relatively dry on the train.

Three hour delay.

I change trains. It’s still poring down.

Four hour delay.


“I’m supposed to be on a conference in 12 hours and my flight just got cancelled.” I go in shock and somehow call my mum.

Next hours are more or less a blur. What I remember are literally just pieces:

  • a message that I could fly out next day in the evening
  • thinking that I don’t want to fly out next day evening because that would mean that I miss my first day of the conference
  • a message that all flights are full before Friday
  • huge line of people waiting for information
  • a tiny woman yelling the information out
  • chaos
  • 2 hours later … still in line except this time I was yelling at a woman who tried to terrorize the only person willing to help us
  • 5 hours later … only a couple of people left standing hoping for a better solution than the one that was offered before
  • A bit after midnight a solution … fly out in the morning (except that I only figured that the flight goes to Gatwick and that the rest of my journey would be by train which I have to find and pay myself)

There was literally nothing that I could do at that stage, but to get a Taxi and go home to get a few hours of sleep and return back to the airport next day.

I couldn’t have done it without my mum who had a clearer mind and an outsider look at the situation, which helped me be calm during the whole thing.

Next morning I got back to the airport and flew to Gatwick.

The journey was more challenging than I expected as I had to find the train station and train, but it was an adventure and I even got to experience “the trolley” – I felt like in one of the Harry Potter movies.

In end I got to Edinburgh a day too late. But, I was there. Finally.

If nothing else I was grateful for the centrally located hotel that I could reach by foot. The room was nice and as much as I just wanted to go to bed and forget all about it, long day offered a chance for a walk. I didn’t even know how much I needed it after the last 24 hours of mostly sitting down. My knee hasn’t been the best and I knew I needed to move.

I visited Bobby, the famous Graveyard, and the center of the city. The day finished with yummy food from the Noodle’n’rice.

Next two days were filled with the conference and walking around. I visited Arthur’s seat, which is a must-see for everyone visiting Edinburgh. The views are just spectacular and the walk is easy enough for almost anyone to make a small hike.

After Arthur’s seat I’ve walked to Portobello beach, which was luckily empty. It took me, I think, about 40 minutes to get there and 15 or 20 min to get back to the city by bus. By the time I was ready to go back I was beyond tired and the summer didn’t really prove to be warm.

My time alone finished with the visit to the theater. I kept walking past Festival Theatre and I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t go. Musical “Last ship” was beyond all my expectations and being there alone was a pleasant experience.

After the show, Theary joined me, and next day the adventure truly began.

Until next time,


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