Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Little town on the sunny side of the Alps – Ljubljana. My original home and a place that still brings me small joys of sitting next to the river eating yummy dinner or drinking a delicious cocktail. A city of handmade ice creams and crafts, a city of delicious food, romantic love and dreams that can come true.

You’d think Slovenians are romantic, but my experience tells different even though we are the only country with the word Love in it’s name, and Ljubljana is often connected with the word ljubljena, which means the loved one. We do however love folk tales, especially the ones that talk about our beloved dragon, which is the symbol of the city.

[su_quote cite=”There are several explanations on the origin of the Ljubljana Dragon. According to a Slavic myth, the slaying of a dragon releases the waters and ensures the fertility of the earth, and it is thought that the myth is tied to the Ljubljana Marshes, the expansive marshy area that periodically threatens Ljubljana with flooding.[16] According to the celebrated Greek legend, the Argonauts on their return home after having taken the Golden Fleece found a large lake surrounded by a marsh between the present-day towns of Vrhnika and Ljubljana. It was there that Jason struck down a monster. This monster has evolved into the dragon that today is present in the city coat of arms and flag.[17] It is historically more believable that the dragon was adopted from Saint George, the patron of the Ljubljana Castle chapel built in the 15th century. In the legend of Saint George, the dragon represents the old ancestral paganism overcome by Christianity.”]– Wikipedia[/su_quote]

No matter which brings you here, I’m sure you’ll enjoy friendly people, slow evenings, amazing food, relaxing nature, and lots of folks tales.

I’ll leave you with the photos I took while I was on my vacations and over this weekend when a few of my colleagues from work and I went on a weekend trip back home.


Until next time!

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