Königssee, Germany

Koenigssee and Obersee trip

Königssee or King’s lake, how we’d call this lake in English, is one of the most stunning lakes in Germany. Its emerald water invites everyone to take a day off and go on a hike, a walk by the lake, or a short ferry ride to the other little hidden lake – Obersee.

The lake lays in the south-east Bavaria, right next to the border with Austria. With the surrounding high mountains and clear waters it reminds of Norway’s fjords. It offers variety of activities for pretty much everyone and I highly recommended to pretty much anyone.

If you arrive from Munich area, make sure you leave the highway before the German/Austrian border and follow the road to Piding. It will add 4 minutes to your journey, but will save you 9 EUR for Austrian vignette. 9 EUR is not much if you are driving around Austria, but if you know you’ll only spend about 10 minutes on Austrian highway, it feels quite stupid.

Everything seemed to be against us that day. It started with our late start in the morning, which caused us to drive in heavy traffic, and continued with Google maps, which “though” that paying for a 14 days vignette would be better than 4 minutes longer drive on a local road. Ever since I first used GPS about 10 or so years ago, I have a hypothesis that the woman inside (we named her Bubica) sometimes goes for a tea with her girlfriends and they eat cake and laugh at the fact that they’ve s*** us over on the road.

So, after missed junction, we were sitting in the car at Walserberg, and my hiking buddy Sarah and I contemplated breaking the law for these 5min of the drive before us. If you know me, you know I’m extremely bad at breaking any rules, but I felt bad that we had to pay more than we would if I’d noticed the Piding junction. I am glad our law abiding selves won. Funny enough, we actually got stopped by the authorities that check the vignettes just 3 minutes into Austria.

After the, what I’d call a non-optimal start, we were so close to the lake that my mood started to shift. That was at least until I noticed big fat raindrops on my windshield. Tap, tap, tap…faster and bigger…until they became a full fledged downpour. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or laugh, but Sarah was positive. You’ve got to love her. She is always positive in these situations and sure enough when we arrived to the little village, the clouds were gone and we entered the little heaven.

They say that Königssee is the cleanest lake in Germany and it’s not hard to believe that. I mean, look a the color of this water!

The clear water calls for a cold swim, calm trip with a paddle- or row-boat, or a longer trip with an electrically powered ferry.

We chose the ferry.

By this time, we were beyond impressed with this place. We were even lucky enough to have a captain who played us a trumpet on the lake. But all of that was nothing comparing to the other side.

We opted for a short non-hiking hike to the other side of the Obersee. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go and see the waterfall, but the walk around Obersee was magical. We ended up in the little cottage where they had amazing homemade bread with butter and cold drinks. That in combination with dipping our feet in the cold water was all two girls wished on a hot summer day.

No matter how good it felt having feet in the cold water and just enjoy life, we knew we had to catch the ferry. And as if the weather gods knew that we needed to catch our ride, we heard low rumbling. Quiet and distant at the beginning, it became loud and wet 30min in our hike back. The weather turned once more. Awesomely wet, we finally ran to our boat just in time to leave.

Our day ended in the typical Bavarian restaurant back in Königssee. A good spinach soup and a strong yummy goulash were just what we needed after the summer shower and what felt like a long daay.

Until next time, stay adventures and know that all that happens is always for the better. Even the shitty weather.

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