Cerknica and its disappearing lake

Cerknica and its disappearing lake

Cerknica with its lake will always be special to me. I remember the time when it offered me peace that I so desperately needed and forced me to step up – to turn into a grown up that I never really wanted to be. Sure, the seriousness and the responsibility, overthinking and helping others, but these money things…meh.

Even after years of leaving that place, I still feel like I’ve left a part of me there. Early morning walks, warm neighbors, my Zumba lessons, the big carnival…and friends. Those were the hardest to leave behind.

The photos below were taken one morning – it had to be before 6am – when doggie and I went to the “disappearing lake for a walk. It was our morning ritual to get up before everyone else and drive to the lake. It offered space for the doggie to run and space for me to feel safe and peaceful.

Below you can see some of my favorite pictures. You in for a little challenge? Try to find at least 2 little frogs. ūüôā

Until next time, don’t forget to explore the world!


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