Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Bled, tiny place with a tiny island in a glacier lake just under the Alps. It is a place where your dreams of living in a true fairy tale can some true. 

I cannot remember the last time that I visited this place. I do however remember that I’ve thought about it when we were trying to make a special Bled cake to take to take to the office for cultural month. I admit, I observed more than I helped, but that was only to make sure that my co-workers only get the best. And it was such a pleasure seeing the cake disappear in mere 30 min. What can I say, I have a bunch of brave co-workers that love to try any food that you’ll bring for them. The beauty of international teams.

So, when it was time to make a plan for our trip Bled was my first thought.

It was so good seeing the happy faces of people that see a fairy tale castle and the little church on the island which make us Slovenians so proud.

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