It’s crazy. I’ve gone from accepting that I don’t have enough time to write and saying goodbye to a blog that was a part of me for 9 years, only to (because of the ego probably) have this crazy inner desire to write, to travel, to photograph, and to read. All the time.

Hey! I’m Pia, the woman behind the Buterflie.

I promised the readers of Nalina, my old blog, that I’ll be back. Quietly and without a big bang. This is it. I honestly had no idea that this will happen so soon.

So a few things about me: I’m a teacher. I love Waldorf education and have studied it a few years ago when I thought I’ll be working in school. I miss this part of my life and am looking forward to the time when I’ll have my own kids to bring Waldorf to my home. I also love photography and stories. I love to see people that inspire just by being who they are. I’m also a designer – user experience designer. And I’m very passionate about helping women crafters and women in tech.

The blog? Just an answer to the crazy desire of having more life and less work.

Don’t be a stranger. Comment and connect with me. 🙂